wind and clouds

August 13, 2002
Video Game Quote of the Moment
"The winds blew and the clouds moved on as if they were oblivious to their mortal plight."
--from the game Soul Calibur, the ending for the character Maxi. The game has different endings for each of the different characters you finish the game with, and what strikes me as odd (and possibly Japanese) is that it's only a "happy ending" for some of the characters...I guess it's understood that the other characters are cursed or otherwise doomed.

I like this quote though, describing Maxi's death, painting a lovely picture of an indifferent universe that goes on even when we don't.

Link of the Moment seems to have a steady supply of interesting links. (And claim to be the first "weird Ebay auctions" trackers.) I ran into a Eric, one of the founders, at a brunch Max Weinstein had on Sunday. (I think Max is looking for a Sys Admin gig, if anyone's got an opening.) WhatTheHeck seems to need an archive feature, however.