what women want

Phew, I was worried I had lost all of the old correspondance between me and Mo, but luckily it's all still there on the hard drive, squirreled away. Time to start thinking about a good plan for making backups...

Links of the Moment
One of the biggest conversation topics on Slashdot lately is this article asking about alternatives to engagement diamonds. Interesting seeing the geek reaction to them, generally negative. At the risk of swimming in stereotypes, it makes sense, guys who are less concerned about social niceties and more about things that are purely functional, and people with historically so-so track records. By hook or by crook, diamonds are a part of the cultural landscape, though I think that "two month salary guideline" is a bit silly. One of the posters pointed to an Atlantic piece on the diamond trade, and how artificial much of that situation is.

'Course, Mo sort of ended up footing the bill for her own diamond, at least temporarily, thanks to embarrassing bank card failure (I had just switched bank accounts, and the card wasn't working the way I expected.)

You know, I never noticed "niceties" is spelled "nice ties".

Quote of the Moment
I tell men, if you want to impress a woman don't send her flowers, send her a maid. Because if you're going to spend $55 on a dozen roses, they're dead the next day. A maid costs about $40 and you still have $15 left to get Chinese food and one rose. By the time you come over we haven't cleaned, and you have food, a rose, and you. Baby, we'll do you all night long.
Interesting idea, I wonder how it would work in practice.