morbidity for fun and profit

August 24, 2002
Every once in a while I get this morbid idea that I could setup a script on this website so that if I failed to update for a couple of weeks, on the frontpage a new bold link would appear raising the possibility that something has happened to me, and if so, here's what I'd like to have done. (With information on how to try to contact me first, online and off, before going off in a panic.)

One of the main, if vain, thinks I'd like to have done is have my websites preserved. Ths site as is, maybe have The Blender of Love move to some self-sustaining community-run form. I guess I'm less concerned about Alien Bill, which is mostly around for historic and novelty reasons now.

I think there would be a minor but sustainable business in "perpetual webhosting". The current site owner would have to put down a lot of money in one lump sum which would then be used in some kind of secure investment, with returns enough to pay the expenses for that one site. Assuming something like Moore's Law stays in place, it should be cheaper and cheaper to run those sites. Of course, you'd want to make investments in infrastructure so that the hosting was as longlived as the Internet itself...

News of the Moment
Soylent people! Here's the news story making the rounds. I kind of like this idea, actually.

Lord of the Rings Movie Trivia
It is reported that on the first run of the fight sequences using the MASSIVE Artificial Intelligence program, the intelligent fighters - programmed to fight in the most efficient manner possible...
...all turned and ran away.
--from the IMDb Lord of the Rings entry. Reminds me of the old line my family used to enjoy "He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day...but that's not why I ran away." Here's a detailed article on the amazing computer work that went into the film.