August 26, 2002
Link of the Moment
Bill linked to some excerpts from instructions for kamikazee pilots. I wonder how they thought they knew so much about the moments just before death...surely they just know about the moments before near death?

Poem of the Moment
The architecture of eloquence
may be brevity

Thus the simple symbols
at the close of a letter
slice my heart
(as they do)
--Kyle Parrish, from an old Tufts .plan.

Pirates of the Moment

--To the left is a woman pirate Kyle randomly attached in some correspondence about the above poem. To the right is Peterman dressed as a fearsome but inexplicably fuchsia-wearing and Harvard-Law-attending (you have to squint at the shirt) pirate. Frankly, I don't have a great explanation for the presence of either of these images in my life.

"Fuchsia" is a very hard word to spell. Most spelling programs won't get to the correct spelling from "Fuschia".