August 29, 2002
Personal Slashdot Rant of the Moment
Getting around Boston is bad. It's not just the wacky street layout with one-ways sprinkled hither and's that we only bother to put street signs for the minor streets. Heck, everyone just knows what that "main" street must be, right?

I'm also convinced that the geography between, say, Alewife and Harvard Square is the end of route 2, you can turn left to get to Harvard Square, or you can go almost 180 degrees the other way and get to Harvard Square.

Similarly, there are two ways of measuring distances in Boston proper; as the crow flies, or as the T stops. I've had friends (Hi, Dylan) who were amazed at how close to locations were, since they were "so far apart" on the T (namely, different "fingers" of the green line)
--from posts of mine in response to this Slashdot poll

Image of the Moment
In Antwerp they have a ferris wheel for cars, but they're worried about terrorism... couldn't they just inspect the trunks and hoods? Anyway, I'd love to ride something like this. John Koermerling is a genius.

Link of the Moment
Boilerplate -- Mechanical Marvel of the Nineteenth Century. And, perhaps, spiritual forefather to Clango Cyclotron.