trolling along

September 4, 2002
Media News of the Moment
Looks like the NY Times has finally made good on its plan to publish same-sex wedding announcements. I didn't realize the things gave so much backstory--this (probably soon to expire) New Yorker article mentions they only started doing that a few years ago. Pretty cool, though Timothy Noah on Slate thinks the whole idea of high-status-weddings as news is a bad idea to begin with.

Geekdom of the Moment
Dave's Book of Beings is very cool in a D&D geek way, a bunch of illustrated monster designs and descriptions, from the author's youthful imagination. Reading through the source books was always my favorite part of Role Playing Games (Never did get around to a proper set, with the dice and paper record keeping and all that.)

Quote of the Moment
I guess one person can make a difference but most of the time they probably shouldn't.
Man, I think love this line, but maybe it's just a way for me to justify being lazy.