quote bonanza

September 8, 2002
Video Game Quote of the Moment
"Man will always use his most advanced technology to amuse himself."
--Crane's Law. Crane in this case is David Crane, creator of Pitfall! and many other important games. From this inteview that was on slashdot a while back, though I found that Meet David Crane from a 1984 issue of "High-Res Magazine" had more information, so you might want to check that out instead. (Note to future self- this is NOT the article where he talks about how you could probably couldn't do Atari 2600 version of Ghostbusters)
IMDb Quote of the Moment
"But popcorn - ah, popcorn was made for watching the world go by. Look. I stick my hand in the bag without taking my eyes off the street. I throw some popcorn in my craw. I chew...and I'm still looking. That's what I call class."
"Sure. Peanut eaters don't know how to live."
--The Gilded Lily

GWB Political of the Moment
He characterized his consultations as less an exchange of ideas than an effort to "see the leaders of the world and remind them of the facts."
--from this news piece on Bush and European Leaders. This quote reminds me of everything I hate about the administration. 'Moral Clarity' my ass, it's just a deliberate myopia that makes the world look like Us=Good Them=Bad.