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September 11, 2002
This is a bit of a backlog clean out, just joining in today's likely media frenzy (assuming there's (hopefully) no bigger news today.) I grabbed many links and quotes related to WTC but ended up not getting around to using them. (The dates are when I added the entry to the backlog.)

Voltaire said,
If we believe absurdities we shall commit atrocities.
I still think "faith" can be horribly misused, and that healthy skepticism is better.

I was surprised at how detailed Islamic prophecies of the Last Days are, especially the description of their "anti-Christ". They also predict the return of Jesus.

Ranjit sent me an English columnist supporting the US going it alone in Afghanistan.

I didn't dare look in the bakery for fear of finding red, white, and blue cakes, thereby confirming my suspicions that some people don't know the difference between a war and a birthday party.
Jamie quoting 'local group' on

I don't see what happened in Pennsylvania as depressing or frightening. I see it as encouraging and heroic.
Then again, I'm not afraid of death. What's the point? It's like fearing gravity.
Carl Fink on

Salon Quiz, The Bible, the Quran or "Mein Kampf"? and a Slate piece on Muslims and Modernity.

Boston Phoenix on Astrology and 9/11. I also made a note to talk about this being described as Bush's "War Year". (Though now it looks like he's aiming for at least a couple of years...)

NY Times' Which Way Did He Run? on a Fireman who was knocked unconscious and doesn't know if he stood or ran.

A poem (in a surprisingly effective strict rhyme scheme,) John M. Ford's 110 Stories about the day.

More recently, Salon on Forbidden Thoughts about 9/11.