fists of fury

September 17, 2002
Man, if the administration tries to just completely blow off Iraq's offer to accept inspections without conditions , we are going to lose what little credibility we have left. Maybe the Onion article Bush Won't Stop Asking Cheney If We Can Invade Yet was more right than I realized.


News Story of the Moment
Previously making the rounds: The story of Buzz Aldrin, two fisted astronaut: he decked this "moon landing skeptic" guy who was trying to get him to swear on a Bible that he'd been on the moon. I managed to find coverage with video footage...unfortunately it doesn't get a great shot of the hit, but you can see how annoying the other guy was, accusing Buzz of being "a coward and a liar and a thief" right before Buzz let fly with his trusty right. (The link requires free registration, though Mr. foobar has a very obvious password...)

Link of the Moment
You don't always have to go to Japan for incomprehensible insanity with cute cartoon animals. Apparently we've started our own domestic varieties.

Usenet Funny of the Moment
Most of the molasses also goes abroad. I have _no_ idea what the hell anyone wants with that stuff; it's icky and stinks. It must be good for something, it's been exported for 300 years.
It is stored in a refrigerated platinum vault in Paris, and used as a world standard for "slow".
--Patrick James and Bertil Jonell, via Had to think about the implications of it for a second and then I laughed out loud.