make a face

September 21, 2002
Images of a Previous Moment
--Selfportraits taken with my Kodak DC-20 and manipulated with Kai's Power Goo, 1996 or there abouts. Fullsize versions here. Slightly reassuring to see I had about the same amount of hair then as I do now. Mo previously expressed amazement that I had these online at all, nevermind on this blog...

Normal Skeleton
Ape Alien

Link of the Moment
Dang, looks like Television Without Pity is having financial trouble...their Show Episode Guides are amazingly detailed.

Huh. They're having troubles with bandwidth costs...glad I found some flatrate webhosts, I wonder what they'd do if I got as popular as one of those sites...

News Quote of the Moment
"I don't think it dignifies their deaths. It's not art. It is very disrupting when you see it."
--Paul Labb, on a 9/11 Sculpture that was recently removed from Rockefeller Center. Now, I'm not absolutely arguing that this art was appropriate for that public space at this time, but the whole implcation of "if it's disrupting it's not art" is just terrible.