neodada not dead

October 8, 2002
Art Ramble of the Moment
I just thought of an art exhibit at Tufts, way back when--they had pins that said "NEODADA NOT DEAD", an attempt at reviving Dada a bit. One of the pieces was a pair of eyeglasses, but with big spikes placed in such a way that they would puncture your eyes if you were foolish enough to put them on. I accidentally modeled the idea by putting my headphones down around a spindle where I proudly impale post-its with competled "To Do" items on them. Not quite as visceral an impact as the original, which I still remember after all these years.

Dream Quote of the Moment
"All comedies want to be comic tragedies."
--Dream Kelso (character from That 70s Show)...I guess it's a take on the old "comedy is tragedy plus time". The dream also involved trying to make animated wall paintings in for a library, an image of a dragon flying away. Once I realized they don't have animated GIFs for walls, I thought about using some kind of projector, but I was wondering if it was ok to make the background of each frame completely opaque, or if that would generate too much heat.

News Story of the Moment
Wile E. Coyote may be nothing but a greasy smear at the bottom of a deep canyon with nothing but a little puff of smoke to mark his passing, but his spirit lives on.

Link of the Moment
How to beat carnival games. That giant stuffed panda can be yours, my friend...step right up!

Lego of the Moment
How cool is this? Escher's Ascending and Descending done in Lego blocks! Also, Belvedere and Balcony, neither quite as cool as the stairs...