'cause we're the band!

October 16, 2002
Link of the Moment
It's the Rocklopedia Fakebandica, "The Ultimate Fake Band List". Cool because it's so geeky, and cool because it gives a bit of background information for each one. Includes one of my all time favorites, MC Skat Kat. (The title for today's kisrael.com comes from a kind of rallying cry-and-response Juj the drummer and I had during pep band. "Why's That??" "'CAUSE WE'RE THE BAND!" Seemed like it could justify a lot at the time.)

Map of the Moment
A Worldmap of Freedom with freedom being defined in terms of consent of the governed...interesting.

Quote of the Moment
"The most underrated dog is the hardy hybrid. Conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all dogs are created different."
--Roy Blount Jr., from American Heritage magazine having experts pick the most overrated and underrated things in their categories of expertise, from "Amendments to the Constitution" to "World War II Generals". (via Bill )

Game of the Moment
Elegant little Java game, Space Dudes. Combination controls: the mouse for movement (but your guy moves at a set pace, sometimes having to catch up to where you put the mouse) and the arrowkeys for firing. A bit like Robotron meets Centipede in feel.

Quote of the Other Moment
"The only problem with leaving a relationship is that you take you with you."
--Comics I Don't Understand "While You're Waiting for the Download" section.

News of the Moment
Why are we so blind to the death of over 180 by a terrorist blast? I mean, heck, a lot of those people were Australians...and they're white! I guess heaven forfend we look at anything that distracts from our war against Iraq...that whole "War Against Terrorism" is so 2001 anyway. Hell, that's only like 15% as many who died in WTC. Hardly bares our attention. They should just send in Paul Hogan.


Bachelor Recipe of the Moment
Kirk's Ginger Tuna
Open can of chunk tuna. Drain water. Dump into bowl. Add generous abount of Ginger Soy sauce. Stir and Enjoy! Serves 1. Or 1/2, if you're hungry.

Regular readers may notice a certain similarity to the previously published reciped Tuna ala Kirk.