October 18, 2002
Link of the Moment
Europeans don't just hate Americans. They do a pretty good job of hating each other as well.

Miserable Meme of the Moment
"That was a little in-yo-end-o."
--Eddie Murphy in the new I Spy remake. I only mention it because I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. And I figured misery loves company, so maybe it'll get stuck in one of y'all's heads too.

News of the Moment
I'm surprised that this Wired story on a message from Osama on a horror film website doesn't raise the possiblity that it's all a hoax.

Quote of the Moment
"Men are like chocolates, you just bite them, suck out the cream filling, and then throw them away. The world sees me as a love goddess, but I've never been in love."
--from a Japanese Student of English's T-shirt, via this page linked to from J-list, one of Bill's favorite sites. He also linked to a page on Japanese gestures.