bleary eyed

Ugh. Up 'til 1am at work. Found out the hard way that they lock the parking garage around 10 or so...

Deal of the Moment
Wow, it's the Papermate® Ingenuity™ Liquid Pencil--"Real graphite is suspended in a clear liquid so it works just like a pen!" and you can get a Free Sample from Office Depot. When I first saw it on BoingBoing it seemed dumb, but then the product site mentioned it can be used on standardized tests, which would be cool...I've never liked the 'feel' of pencils. (Probably ever since trying to write on waxy Sunday School workbooks with awful #3 pencils.) I guess you can see more deals like this at Nifty News, Decent Deals.

Online Toy of the Moment
Random cute link from that deals site, interactive fireworks over the Statue of Liberty. Some nice light effects.

Poster of the Moment
Real Big Brother-esque signage from London. They have a lot of security cameras there. I love the retro-spooky-scifi-artdeco feel of this poster, though it is a bit disconcerting.

I think I'm less of a privacy advocate than ever.

Quote and Ramble of the Moment
We are glad that the cookies are vegan, but sad that they promote circus animal misery -- if only they'd make whip, chain and bull-hook cookies to show kids the full story.
PETA on Animal Crackers.
The vending machine at work just started offering Butter Crackers. (well, I thought the bag said crackers, but it's technically "butter checkers". Whatever.) So, crackers made of/with butter. Which got me thinking, do vegans eat animal crackers? (The PETA quote is from this article on the recent 100th anniversary of "Barnum's Animal Crackers".

One other thing..."Animal Crackers in my soup?" Most soups are pretty salty, and animal crackers are generally sweet. This sounds kind of gross, unless at one point (like, 1935) animal crackers were more like regular crackers and less like cookies.