no vim, brrrr

November 1, 2002
Another month has arrived. Time goes by quickly, on the other hand events at the start of October seema long long way away; I wasn't even doing intraday updates of

Added two new pages to the Features sidebar, both compilations of previous work: small gif cinema and the javascript gamebuttons. The latter page got some attention on one of my favorite sites (and uncredited sources of kisrael links) boingboing, who called it "just about the coolest goddamned webthing, ever". I resisted urge to be a further hit whore by adding in a lot of links back to the daily entries the games premiered in.

Mixed Metaphor of the Moment
"I broke your pomegranate cherry?"
--CJP mixes a metaphor, 2002.10.30. Indeed, I had never had a pomegranate before. What an odd, alien-seeming fruit, where you scoop out the red seeds from their white nesting lattice and then chew their covering.

Game Geek Link of the Moment
It's the GameSpy Grudge Match. This week: Mega Man vs. Bomberman. Their archive and writing is decent, though probably not as sharp as the original WWWF Grudgematch...its set of past matches is worth skimming through, from "Gary Coleman vs. Webster" to "Bill the Cat vs. Odie".