the roar of the pixels, the smell of the crowd

November 4, 2002
Webtoy of the Moment
What better way to start a week than to select the features of your very own evil clown?

Product of the Moment
The Army is testing a new electronic self-playing bugle. You know, not only is it probably harder to find good bugle players these days like the article says, but getting Taps just right can be tough because so often the player has to do it without any chance to warmup.

Cartoon Quote of the Moment
"It turns out that the human brain hasn't evolved enough to see a dish that clean."
--from one of the cooler Slow Waves in a while...Slow Wave is a cartoon where Jess Reklaw makes a 4 panel cartoon from the descriptions of dreams that people send in. I've been Slow Wave'd twice, once last May and then again last October, the Yak-Man cartoon that Mo still teases me about.