republicans, democouldn'ts

November 6, 2002
Aw MAN. This SUCKS. How can Bush be so damn popular? How can so many Republicans ride his coat-tails? How can the Democrats be so stupid and just take it? How can voters be so fond of the administration of can't break out of the economic downdraft and is all hot to fight a war that more and more people see will make our lives less safe, not more?

What would life be like if people hadn't voted for Nader in 2000? "Republicrats" my ass...these Republicans--specifically, this a danger to the nation. And the world, as bozo13 points out on the guestbook. (Or what if thousands of black voters weren't illegally disenfranchised in Florida, for that matter.)

The next two years are likely to suck, badly. Here ya go, Republicans, both houses and the presidency. Lets see how you screw it up.

Funny of the Moment
> I had a colleague, years ago, who called his small son
> Tom Dickon Harry.
> Wanted him to grow up with a sense of humour.
> I had visions of him in later life being pulled over
> in a car by the police for some minor reason.
> "Name?"

"Tom Dickon Harry."
"No, really. Here's my drivers license."
"Huh, it really is. Wow. By the way, what's that weird smell?"
"Oh, that'd probably be my father's body in the trunk."
Jill Mills and William December Starr in this Usenet post.

Small Personal Triumph of the Moment
I won my first game of league darts last night. I was part of the team of 3 playing 601 ('01 games mean you have to double in (i.e. you can't begin subtracting points from the starting 601 total until you score a double, i.e. the very outer rim of the dartboard) and double out (you have to get your total to exactly zero again on the outer rim.) The remaining total was 48, I threw an 8, went for the closing double 20, missed, but got it on my final dart. Yay!

Quote of the Moment
But what I think is funny is what an 8 year old boy thinks is funny.