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November 9, 2002
Art of the Moment
When erotica and geology collide. Be sure to check out all 5 pages of the gallery.

Clip of the Moment
You might think you're good at Tetris. I doubt that you're 2001 Japanese Tetris championship good. Just look at the guy's hands! Crazy. I'm amazed I'm the same species.

World View of the Moment
CamWorld (not about WebCams) had a link to this Salon interview about how the rest of the world views the USA. Like our pop-culture, hate our politics, but most places have a more sophisticated view of us than we give them credit for. (In fact Hertsgaard contends that it's the Americans with the really over-simplified view.)

Sexiest Sentence Alive
My breast flipped inside out so my nipple touched my heart.
According to the scientific formula applied this webpage, that's the sexiest sentence alive.
The other entries are worth a glance through as well. (via Ranjit)