more than just bacon, mounties, and syrup

November 13, 2002
Video of the Moment
One of the few funny and smart Parodies of Apple's 'Switch' Ads is making the rounds...this from a guy who decided to switch to Canada. If it wasn't for the cold and uncertainty about the tech market, I'd be all over that place. The USA is just too big and bossy these days.

Funny of the Moment
Ranjit sent along Project Genesis Internal Corporate Correspondence - what if creation had been as badly managed as your last software project? A neat blend of corporate humor with some nice geeky details.

Quote of the Moment
My personal religion is what I practiced today: I swam nude across a pond.
Lynn Margulis, Professor of geosciences, U-Mass Amherst.
From a sidebar in a recent Wired article on Science and Religion. Specifically, how big bang theory really doesn't have better answers for "why is there something rather than nothing" than religion does. (I guess this ties in pretty well to the geek/theology vibe of the previous link.)

Metahumor of the Moment
Heh. Mad Magazine Onionizes the Onion. They make some good points, but actually it's not as funny as a typical issue of the Onion. (Like this unarticled headline from the latest one, "Ray Charles Signs Def Leppard Album". Heeheheeheh)