the beauty of pollution

Image of the Moment

--Detail of Salem Parking Lot, 2002.11.22

Gross Article of the Moment
Sigh. Cruel Site of the Day pointed out this article from the Tufts Daily [R-rated link, not for the squeamish], paper of my alma mater. It starts "I don't believe that there is a woman, homosexual male, or flexible boy out there who would claim that semen tastes great" and goes downhill from there. Looks like someone is trying to capture that "Sex in the City/on Campus" vibe and failing miserably.

Book of the Moment
Today I'm raking. I haven't really raked for years, maybe not ever, really. It's not bad work, really, but I in trying to think of a good way of bagging the results, I decided to consult Google. Amazon offers me a chance to buy a book, How to Rake Leaves, for the low low price of $40.24! Now, yeah, technically I was the one looking for some pointers, but $40 for How to Rake?

Tip of the Moment
Whoa...I'm a bit of an inadvertant expert in getting around Windows without using the mouse (it goes back to the day when I used to sit way back in my Papasan chair with the keyboard in my lap.) Anyway, I knew about tabbing through links in IE, and using return to open one, but I only now just realized I can hit shift-Return to open a link in a new window. (BTW, the other thing I always setup is the Accessibility option "MouseKeys" that lets you move the pointer via the numberpad.

Funny of the Moment
Samuel Stoddard's Ultra-Condensed version of "Titanic":
Leonardo DiCaprio
Your social class is stuffy. Let's dance with the ship's rats and have fun.
Kate Winslet
You have captured my heart. Let's run around the ship and giggle.
(The ship SINKS.)
Leonardo DiCaprio
Never let go.
Kate Winslet
I promise. (lets go)

From Movie-A-Minute, where they cut out all the filler bringing movies to their essential core. They do the same thing for books as well.