r.i.p. dennis o'neil

November 25, 2002
Sad Local News of the Moment
Sunday night news reported the death of electrician Dennis O'Neil, who fell while doing the cool tree lights they have in the center of Waltham, where Mo and I live and my mom and aunt grew up. I've always loved these lights, just simple white, but it makes a wonderful 3D effect, since the trees are bare, and it's a big, almost park-like town square. I guess in the spirit of "he'd want it this way" they're going to still have the lights, but it'll be kind of melancholy this year.

Essay of the Moment
Not entirely convincing but thought-provoking Australian article seeing the USA as the new Roman Empire.

Image of the Moment
Not for the squeamish, or the bird-lovers among us, this picture of what happens when a small plane's wing hits a large bird is gross but funny in a macabre kind of way. Also scary, that plane couldn't have been too easy to land.

Video of the Moment
This is a really amazing dance clip from Kollaboration, a Korean-American talent show. (via metafilter)

News of the Moment
The Guardian published the full text of Osama bin Laden's 'letter to America'. (Though the authorship is not 100% confirmed.) Ah, the power of religion...how easy it is to know you're right when God is on your side. Arguing with someone who has a strong religous belief that you don't share is pointless, since you're not going to agree on the ground rules.