pixeltimes gone bye

December 8, 2002
Dot Com Nostalgia of the Moment
Ranjit rocks so hard. If it was for certain obvious issues of gender, other relationships, and geography, I'd totally have his baby. For a Christmas gift, he unearthed some old Pixeltime stuff... including my old pixeltime userpage (javascript popup), with all 105 images I made on it. Yay! It turns out my old pixeltime tribute page had only grabbed about 1/3 of the total... I was pretty creative on that site. (The top image was for the "Your Job" gallery...I guess it was before the "Mucko" shootings in Wakefield. I like the fat guy that I drew though.) I had forgotten that the self-portrait I use at the top of kisrael was designed for use as a pixeltime image.

Ranjit also sent me news of an update to the moonmilk wallpaper gallery. The one of his dog, "Tikko in August", is pretty amazing.

Funny of the Moment
Doctor: I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. Your condition is definitely fatal.
Patient: Oh, no! Well, how long do I have left?
Doctor: 10
Patient: Ten what? Months? Weeks? Ten what?
Doctor: 9

Ad Quote of the Moment
"Many of you feel bad for this [discarded] lamp. That is because you're crazy."
--Scandanavian Man in a commecial for Ikea by Spike Jonze, part of their Unböring campaign. (Though anyone who enjoyed Tom Robbins' Still Life With Woodpecker might disagree with the sentiment.) NY Times Sunday Magazine recently had an article on Ikea in their "Design" issue, talking about the idea of disposable, DIY furniture. I wonder why there are no Ikea stores around here?