games just ain't what they used to be

December 19, 2002
News of the Moment
So they busted some guys from Infocom for possible terrorists. While I don't think it's the same Infocom who made all those text-only games in the 1980s, it brings to mind some funny ideas...

> look
You are on a sidewalk. There is a bus stop to the north.
What do you want do now?
> i
You have:
a cheap wrist watch (being worn)
a vest of explosives (being worn)
a can of diet coke
What do you want do now?
> north
You are at a bus stop. There are many Israelis here. It is sunny.
What do you want do now?
> martyr myself for the glorious jihad of the palestinean people!
Sorry, I don't know how to "martyr".
> wage jihad and smash the infidel jews in a rain of fire!
Sorry, I don't know how to "wage".

Ok, maybe not quite as funny as I envisioned.

Movie Link of the Moment
FilmWise's Invisibles are a very cool idea...they photoshop out people's bodies from scenes from movies, leaving just the clothes, and the results are surprisingly difficult to identify. This here is a famous scene from "Basic Instinct". Only a hardcore movie buff will be able to guess more than one or two.

Movie Quote of the Moment
"If pictures have anything to say, it's this: I was here, I existed. I was young and happy and someone cared enough about me to take my picture."
--One Hour Photo. Haven't seen this one, actually, but it was the quote of the day.

Graffiti of the Moment
     (I just found an example of what the link was talking about, this was taken at the 7-11 by the "Garage" at Harvard Square.)