gimme that ol' time religion

Quote of the Moment
I'm an old-fashioned type of guy. I worship the Sun and Moon as gods. And fear them.
"Rocky" on slashdot

Toy Review of the Moment
Everybody loves Slinky, the springy coil that long ago slunk its way into America's heart, so everyone is sure to love Slinky Pets, which combine the coil-like fun of Slinky with the furry plushness of stuffed animals. Best of all, since the fuzz-covered Slinky is topped with a furry dog's head, you needn't worry about any of that horrible "slinking." Instead, the Slinky Pet tumbles clumsily down stairs, to the delight of kids and adults alike. that were marked down for a reason.

Slightly Good News of the Moment
According to the latest Ask the Pilot on Salon, maybe shoulder launched missiles aren't that big of a threat. Still, it makes you wonder.

Random Gift of the Moment
My grandfather-in-law just got us a subscription to Reader's Digest. Now I feel old.

Vaguely Sacrilegious Image of the Moment
--from an eBay auction, a Jesus-signed bible! Jesus sounds like a real cool dude.