he got game

Got a PS2 yesterday...and there was much rejoicing. Probably won't be a lot of action here on kisrael.com, especially with today's previously scheduled FOKN'A video game group get together.

Game of the Moment
Just so the rest of you don't feel left out, here's a game for you: River City Hacky Sack. Based on the sprite style and some of the moves from the NES classic River City Ransom (that link is to a great Seanbaby review, where this guy on the side is stolen from), RCHS is a challenging game where you try to knock little cherubs down with the bouncing volleyball, and then you can kick them like a hacky sack. The more you prevent stuff from hitting the ground, the longer the game lasts and the more points you get.

Quote of the Moment
I'd rather be the king of dev\null than a mere serf in \root !
Heh, that's pretty funny (in response to yesterday's quote).