smile, you're on copious camera

There was this essay in the latest Wired (dang, I should go look up the author) by Jim Lewis, talking about our new found potential to record pretty much everything. An iPod could probably record everything you hear for a month, at middling fidelity. People with digital camcorders can record hours and hours of footage...but when was the last time you went back and watched that stuff? For the first time in history, the problem isn't recording our lives--it's having the time to review it.

That's one of the things having a weblog does for me, it gets me to put the most interesting stuff in my life in a browsable form. I'm still a digital packrat, with all of the almost 4000 photos I've taken over the past year and a half with my Canon Digital Elph filed away, but it's what I've posted here (and in my photobooks) that I'll most likely be looking back on in the years ahead.

Movies of the Moment
Wonderfully funny and surreal GI Joe public service announcements with new sound tracks.

Funny Drink of the Moment
The 'Trent Latte': A glass of black coffee, and a glass of steamed milk, in separate but equal portions.