can't get no satisfaction

Quote of the Moment
Well, I'll tell's like taking a leak lying down...
very unsatisfactory.
from a dream of Dion McGregor.
I finally got the CD "Dion McGregor Dreams Again" that I had previously kisrael'd...amazing stuff, some of it quite bawdy.

Link of the Moment
The law of the playground: "the least coherent encyclopaedia of playground insults on the internet". Kids are such jerks. I know I was. Maybe not as cruel as some of these guys though. Compelling reading.

Software of the Moment
Slashdot is staging some Q&A with the fine folks at GnuWin II...tons of free (as in beer, and in speech I believe) Windows ports of famous Linux games and tools. You know, I don't know if this helps Linux as an OS...if I can get Windows ports of all this interesting stuff, I'm probably even less likely to switch over.

And all those penguins...damn. It's as bad as Java a few year ago, and its endless array of products and tools with names based on coffee. Maybe stupid is it to have Tux the Penguin (the Linux mascot) running around your screen when you're running Windows? I guess a geek who was forced to run Windows at work might use it as a symbol of protest. And of marking himself as a giant nerd.

Survey Questions of the Moment
Poll questions divised Clinton advisors Dick Morris and Mark Penn.
In 1996, people giving the 'liberal' responses (No, Yes, No, No, and No, in that order) on 3 out of 5 of the questions were likely by a 2-to-1 margin to support Clinton, and the inverse for the 'conservative' responses and Dole. (I'd only answer 'conservatively' to one of those myself...and yeah, of course I supported Clinton) This was brought up in an Atlantic essay by Thomas Byrne, who thinks that it bodes well in the long run for the Democrats, despite the Republican's (war-driven?) current strength.

Kind of helps explain that whole Republican blowjob witch hunt, methinks.