going ape for you

Passage of the Moment
There are the very bad chimpanzees, with their patriarchal 'demonic males,' and the very good 'gentle apes'--the bonobos, pygmy chimps whose females rule. The bonobos have a lot of recreational sex, whereas violence prevails among the demonic mails of certain larger primate species. As the Harvard notetaker puts it, 'So basically Bonobos are a species of female dominated sex freaks. Cool.'
Ron Rosenbaum, in an Atlantic article "Sex Week At Yale"

Health News of the Moment
Arrrrrr, eat some damn fruit, ya scurvy dog!

Historical Loss of the Moment

R.I.P. Bill Mauldin, the artist whose
cartoons reflected the experience of
Joe Infantryman during WWII.

Quote of the Moment
We have no justification at all for a war on Iraq. The logic of the situation beggars belief. It is manufactured by George Bush, and oil is a factor.
British Labour Party chairman, speaking ON the record to the London Telegraph, via this Salon Premium article.
Don't you wish we had politicians who could talk like this? Which is going against his own party's head?

Movie Quote of the Moment
You want a cigarette...or a blindfold?"
"No thanks. I'm afraid of the dark, and cigarettes will kill ya.
Good gawsh almighty, WHY DOES THIS MOVIE EXIST?