mouths of mass destruction

Link of the Moment
"Conversational Terrorism" is a bit strong of a name for this page, but it does offer many different techniques (with examples!) for railroading your way to victory or at least stalemate in almost any argument.

Quote of the Moment
When it became obvious what a dumb and cruel and spiritually and financially and militarily ruinous mistake our war in Vietnam was, every artist worth a damn in this country, every serious writer, painter, stand-up comedian, musician, actor and actress, you name it, came out against the thing. We formed what might be described as a laser beam of protest, with everybody aimed in the same direction, focused and intense. This weapon proved to have the power of a banana-cream pie three feet in diameter when dropped from a stepladder five-feet high.
Also included this exchange:
"That said, do you have any ideas for a really scary reality TV show?"
"'C students from Yale.' It would stand your hair on end."

Writing of the Moment
Interesting Salon one-pager by a woman who enjoys look at other women. And no, not that way. And not that way either.