February 7, 2003
As you can see, my new comment system is more or less in place. I still haven't made past comments viewable in the archives, but I'll get to that. I hope it fosters some interesting talk...I think "Bozo" on the guestbook helped to get me moving, with his topical comments. Anyway, it'll be depressing if it's always 0 comments 0 comments 0 comments, and lame if I seed it myself, so feel free to add some comments... (Actually it'll be interesting to see if this site has enough critical mass to make this worthwhile, I don't know if I'll keep the feature if not...on the other hand, even high-traffic sites line boingboing have articles with 0 comments, so I shouldn't be too judgmental.)

Image of the Moment

--Graveyard at Wansford Church, England, June 2002, taken with IR film. The photographer, J.S. Drewnicki, AIM'd me about the mortality guide. I'm considering adding this image to it... very evocative of other visions of deathscapes I've seen.

Breaking News of the Moment
Word is (though the story isn't officially out yet) the threat level is being moved to a delightful soothing Orange. Just like the delicious sweet clementines my employer has recently provided for its loyal workforce. Yum, yum! (For a hollow laugh, check out Joseph Calzaretta's threat level reference I kisrael'd previously.)

Here are two bets I'd like to see: will the threat level ever be reduced to "Green" in my lifetime? (Duhrr, no.) And, as a betting pool question:
What's the next attack on US soil going to be: Feel free to use the new Comments page to weigh in...hey, wasn't our plans against Iraq supposed to make us safer?