where4 rt thou r0me0?

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February 23, 2003
Drama of the Moment
> I have yet to find a way to have a whole
> conversation in emoticons

Fah. I can rewrite "Romeo & Juliet" in emoticons.

Romeo: :(
Juliet: :(
Romeo: :)
Juliet :)
Romeo: :pppppppp
Juliet: :00000000
Romeo & Juliet: 0=o 0=o 0=o 0=o
Romeo: :)))))))))))))
Juliet: :)))))))))))
Romeo: :|
Juliet: :|
Juliet: :0 <----[]
Juliet: x(
Romeo: :((((((((((
Romeo: :( ---||-
Romeo x( ___
Juliet: :((((((((
Juliet :( ---||-
Juliet x( ___


--Dan on aus.culture.gothic.

Quote of the Moment
It's really amazing how incredibly fast life goes. Boom! You're born. You go through life, meeting troubles along the way, but you overcome those troubles, and you have a blast. And before you know it, you're dead. If that ain't beauty, I don't know what is.

Article of the Moment
War in Iraq and hands off Israel; welcome to the current administration and the age of self-fulfilling Biblical prophecy. (Wow, maybe God diddled with the Florida vote record Himself as an instrument of His will; or maybe He moved in mysterious ways to set up and preserve the ridiculous Electoral College all those years ago, just so we can get where we are today.)