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February 25, 2003
Chutzpah of the Moment
"Two men who have sat on juries in notoriously litigation-friendly Jefferson County, MS, filed a lawsuit against the TV program 60 Minutes, claiming that they were defamed in a segment about Mississippi juries' generosity. Anthony Berry was on a jury that gave out $150 million in an asbestos case, and Johnny Anderson was on one that awarded $150 million in a diet drug case, and both say the 60 Minutes segment made the juries seem so extravagent that they must be getting kickbacks. The two men's lawsuit (filed in Jefferson County, of course) asks for more than $6 billion."
News of the Weird, collected by Chuck Shepherd.
Now THAT is chutzpah.

Image of the Moment
--Erich and Elfriede Roihl, August 16 1941. Elfriede recently passed away after a long struggle with alzheimers. Erich's unwavering love for her over the decades is really clear. This photo was taken on their wedding was wartime in Germany, it's interesting to try to read the emotional undertones of the photo.

Slashdot of the Moment
Heh, my alma mater Tufts got mentioned on Slashdot, some students were acting as spam relays for $20/month.