orange marmelade

March 2, 2003
Yikes, yesterday's update wasn't much of anything...not sure if today's gonna be much better, what with

Hey, why do people call tan cats "orange"? There's maybe a subtle hint of red with our cat Murphy, but I'm surprised that everyone else wants to call that orange.

Link of the Moment
I know I've seen it around, but NPR mentioned Gone & Forgotten, where has-been (but mostly never-wases) comic book heroes go to die. Some great reading there. Great reading in the "Latest Feature" and "Past Articles" section...I'm not sure but it looks like they got past their previous bandwidth or serverspace issues.

Must...stop...reading...comics and

Fable of the Moment
When Benjamin Franklin was seven years old, a visitor gave him some small change. Later, seeing another boy playing with a whistle, young Benjamin gave the boy all his money for it. He played the whistle all over the house, enjoying it until he discovered that he'd given four times as much as the whistle was worth. Instantly, the whistle lost its charm. As he grew older, Franklin generalized the principle. When he saw a man neglecting his family or business for political popularity, or a miser giving up friendships for the sake of accumulating wealth, he'd say, "He pays too much for his whistle."
Thomas Fleming.
I wonder what whistles I'm paying too much for, sometimes it's hard to tell.

Another Link of the Moment
Of far less general interest than that previous comic link, Skrybe's Japanese-Only NES Games Page. Lots of rare cool stuff there.