bon frickin' jour

March 4, 2003
Got a haircut and a raise yesterday! Dang, if I wasn't such a rationalist, I might think there was something to my good feeling in the morning and my later surprise good news.

Quote of the Moment
"The rooster was chosen long ago as the national symbol of France. The choice is fortuitous, of course, because of a Latin pun, Gallus, meaning both the courtyard animal and the inhabitant of Gaul. The English pun could probably be considered even more apt."
Luigi Barzini, "The Europeans"
Cartoon of the Moment gives us this Tom the Dancing Bug, about the funniest take I've seen on the "" site.

Salon's on the verge of going broke again. I'm a member. Are you? Despite all the hogwash about the "liberal media", balanced, sometimes-left leaning reporting is hard to come by. (And I hope if they do go under, they get just enough funds to keep their archive working...)

Art Exhibit of the Moment
Like I've always said, "Art is what you can get away with." Also, "Selling out is the new sincerity."