rubber ducky you're the one

March 6, 2003
Poem of the Moment
When we meet it's hot and steamy
Afterward I'm tired and dreamy
Bathing in your gaze, moonstruck
How I love you, rubber duck.
--Hilary Price, Rhymes with Orange (comic strip) I love the curveball sensuality of this, I submitted it to the loveblender.

Preview of the Moment has decent speculation about the tactics of the likely Iraq war. (Though I'm curious to see what we know about Iraq's preperations.)

You know, at this point I think I'd almost miss Slate more than Salon if either have to go away. Except I don't have good alternate sources for some of the comics I get in Salon.

Flash of the Moment
Dang, where was this Cool Beating Heart on Valentine's Day?

Advice of the Moment
Got a lot of papers in your cubicle at work? Hardly ever use 'em? Lay 'em all flat in a drawer! I need an archived piece of paper at work maybe twice a year...I'll never recoup the time it takes to sort through all that crap and get rid of the real junk, so into the filing cabinet drawer they go.