ooh, snap! i mean, zut alors!

March 12, 2003
Zinger of the Moment
"As far as Iím concerned, war always means failure."
--Jacques Chirac
"As far as France is concerned, youíre right."
--Rush Limbaugh
You know, I really do have respect for some of the French attitude on this--though I know they're also looking out for their own economic interests--but these jokes are really fun, if not 100% justified. But "Freedom Fries" and "Freedom Toast" are the dumbest things I've heard of in a long while. What is this, third grade?

Rant of the Moment
The USA has been taken over by non-human life forms. I really think it has a point, and it's fascinating in both theoretical and all-too-practical ways. Corporations are artificial life, and they're potentially immortal and very very smart. The Wikipedia has more on Corporate Personhood--it is an odd idea.

Comic of the Moment
I haven't had many fun links lately. This one's pretty cool (and a quick read), Porn Again, where a Cleveland Boy relates is history of and justification for his enjoyment of porn.