i said...

March 20, 2003
I said 'War'. Huh. Good God, y'all.

Dialog of the Moment
"I've got three FIST fighters coming from my left!"
"Copy, Stray Dog!"
"I - I, I don't think I'm Stray Dog."
"Copy that, Red Rooster!"
"I, I don't think I'm Red Rooster either."
"No problem, Nasty Butler!"
"I'm ending this transmission."
Goofy but not as bad as you might expect, with some pretty good potshots at the original movies. ("Use the instrument panel, Loke!" "What?" "The instrument panel...that's what it's there for! Advance weaponry DESIGNED to hit tiny targets." "Ok, ok.")

News of the Moment
So they had that strike, and Saddam reports up late alive and well. Or is it really Saddam? He has all those doubles...not only would that add to the difficulty of killing him and confirming he was killed, but you wonder if the command structure is entrenched enough to support "virtual saddamness", with the central role played by a double...or maybe Saddam himself, pretending to be a double. Man, keeping up the Star Wars vibe, it's kind of like that whole Amidale/Padmé thing from "Phantom Menace".

For people who prefer to get information via shiny web toys, MSNBC's Iraq Interactive Library is worth a look.

For minute-by-minute bloggish coverage, try agonist.org.

Luckily-and this is true-we have Optimus Prime helping defend us as a member of the National Guard.

And finally, here are some images about what it looks like if Iraq beats us.

Oddly Disquieting Headline of the Moment
"Official describes Bush as 'undeterred'"
Not sure why the phrasing caught my attention. Maybe because "undeterred" is kind of a theme with this guy.