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March 26, 2003
Image of the Moment
Something's not quite kosher at the local elementary school...

Quote of the Moment
I'm a neurotic mess. I'm really basically just like a 260-pound Woody Allen.
James "Tony Soprano" Gandolfini

Link of the Moment
I've linked to it before, but I'm thinking I should spend some more time at Yesterdayland. They have so much well-illustrated coverage of all the fun stuff you grew up with, from toys to music to cartoons, and then you can even click on previous decades to get a historical perspective.

News Link of the Moment
Salon.com has an article featuring war coverage from around the world: UK, Pakistan, Turkey, China, Qatar, and Indonesia. Well worth the read.

Link of the Moment
Oh, those crazy urban--or is it rural?--hipsters; it's time for Freestyle Wheelbarrow.