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April 17, 2003
Link for Erin of the Moment
Erin (who's in filmschool even as we speak) might like this link if she hasn't seen it already,'s "masterclass", brief but informative overviews of some the most important film directors. (It's where yesterday's Hitchcock quote came from.) I like the Q+A format, "Why should we care?" "What do they tell you at film school?" "Who did he sleep with?"

Quote of the Moment
Here's to Pure Mathematics! May it never be of any use to anybody.
"The Cambridge Toast", or "G.H.Hardy", or somebody. The actual attribution isn't quite clear.

Playing Cards of the Moment
CNN has a few of those Iraqi leadership playing cards. Kind of cool to see, but I wonder about the usefulness of it going to make it that much easier to recognize these guys?

Technology of the Moment
Just what I've always said we needed: minefields that think! (A Flash presentation, no less.) With individual mines that can hop! What fun!
I guess there might, perversely, be a humanitarian benefit to this; the text claims this lets them "defend" a minefield with resorting to Anti-personnel mines, which I guess is nice of them. A little.

Small Irony of the Moment
After glancing at a Wired article on the Supreme Court's Tasini decision (that said publishers owed new royalties to freelancers when those works are made available online, thus causing tons of publishers to make those works unavailable rather than shell out) I decided to use that recently kisrael'd Surpreme Court website to look up the case...ironically enough, that page is missing and not available online. Mmm, self-referential court rulings presentations.