when t-rexes stomped the earth

April 22, 2003
Comic of the Moment
Qwantz.com - "daily dinosaur comics", the story of a T-Rex, and his Utahraptor buddy. The odd thing is, every comic has the same panel layout, with the cabin and woman stomping and the Utahraptor walking up--only the text and sometimes the backgrounds are different from day to day! Very strange but cool. If you're in a hurry, just check out my favorite.

Oopsie of the Moment
--Some people were upset yesterday at work. Guess you have to be careful how you load those things. Inset is a guy working to make things right.

Quote of the Moment
"Why not?"
--Last words of Timothy Leary.

Article of the Moment
Wired has a piece on Death and Blogs, the entries that are left behind when the blogger dies. Sometimes it hits me that there's probably at least a few people who will first be notified of my death by the fact that my blog stops being updated for a few days. (Don't panic if this blog isn't updated though...while I've been very faithful to it over the past 2 1/2 years, accidents will happen, and only some of them are fatal...) Every once in a while I think I should make a miniprogram that, if my blog isn't updated for like 2 weeks, will assume the worst and post last will and testement farewell kind of stuff. Or I should leave detailed instructions on how I'd like my site to be left, passwords and all that. (I'm hoping to come up with some way of running a perpetual version of my sites by the time I'd need to.)