electricity, e-lec-tricity

April 28, 2003
So yesterday I went to a workshop run by the Jackal art group. They're into scavanging technology and subverting and repurposing it. The workshop took a while to hit its stride but was good once more participants showed up. I helped make some "stomp pads", electric switches made of cadboard, foil, tape, and foam, that they were wiring up to a PC to do sound effects. (They also had a kids toy electronic guitar wired to video clips of Guitar Gods, so you could play random clips as well as speed the clips up or down.) I also made an LED "light sculpture" for Mo that you see here; 9V battery, battery socket, wire, LEDs. Supposedly if it was just one LED it would be at risk of the LED blowing up, hopefully five should be ok. Man, I hadn't soldered since the gifted and talented special class in fourth grade! (Thanks Ranjit, who passed me word of their Boston Cyberarts workshop; he was thinking about going but decided not to, but dropping his name worked pretty well too.)

Quote of the Moment
"I'm Jewish and I was watching (Tomb Raider) and thinking there are no Jewish video games. Well there's one, Quicken, but that's it."
--Kevin Pollack, Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Articles of the Moment
We're at the 25th anniversary of the first e-mail spam, and Brand Templeton has a lot to say on the stuff, including a good quick history of the use of the term. I'm glad I finally got my "whitelist" system working.