made of meat

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May 12, 2003
Line of the Moment
Jasoco wrote:
> Oh, and Meat is good. Meat is to be eaten and
> by God, I will eat it.

And I guess we are all what we eat. But I already knew I was meat. Guess I should avoid fruit, nuts, and vegetables...
Jasoco liked my response so much he started using it as his tagline.

Game of the Moment
Not online, alas, but worth the time to down and install, Spheres of Chaos is an Asteroids-derived game, with huge amounts of pixel particle action. Pretty cool overall, bordering on the psychadelic at times.

Tech Tool of the Moment
At first I thought that DENIM, a tool that lets webdesigners sketch out a site almost as if they were drawing it on pieces of paper (but linked) was some kind of a joke, about according to this Wired article it seems to be a useful tool.

Quote of the Moment
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned in life: It goes on.
I was surprised to see this quote wasn't already somewhere on this site.