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Flash of the Moment
An exercise in way too much interface but with a dose of wackiness, db-db DESIGN IS FUN. (Warning: tiny pixel nudity) The NUDEMENSHOW (from the top menu) was kind of amusing though.

Research of the Moment
Personality Keeps Changing with Age, Study Finds - though it doesn't sound like the most controlled study in the world, it's kind of interesting.

Political Potshot of the Moment
They could sense I would be one of the great pilots of all time.
Bush on why the Air National Guard took him (via Bill a while back.)
Given his record with the Guard--extremely spotty even with generous recognition of National Guard service when the nation was at war in Vietnam--this is such a laughable statement. And his recent jet landing on that aircraft carrier, some think may have cost us like a million dollars to give him a great big political advertisement?

On the other hand, what the heck. If I were president, I'd do the same thing. Except I'd say I was doing it for fun, rather than make some lame excuse about wanting to avoid inconveniencing the sailors or then, when that no longer applied due to a weather-induced course change, "to see an aircraft landing the same way that the pilots saw an aircraft landing."

Consumer Product of the Moment
It's still just a rumor, but if Shick comes out with a razor with four, that'd be totally hilarious. When will the madness end? Seriously, I tried Gilette's 3 blader, the "Mach 3" -- you know, the one with that commercial commercial, as subatomic humor put it
"What a guy! I mean, he's lost it all: his uniform, his plane. What's he got left? A razor. Not even a can of shaving cream. But you can't keep him down. There he sits, rubbing his face. At least he got a smooth shave! He's looking on the bright side. Booyah naked jet pilot!
and it's a serious case of diminishing returns. The Gilette "Sensor" with two blades seems to work pretty well...with three, I dunno, it just presents a giant sharp shaving surface. Anyway, I shave once a week, a new blade each time. Probably slightly cheaper than a normal shaving schedule, and it seems to work for me.