there is no sword

Passage of the Moment
The Cathars were fighting a losing battle, but the interesting thing was that they were fighting at all. It is not unusual to take up a sword and die for a belief. It is unusual to take up a sword to die for the belief that swords do not exist.
It's talking about a real life catholic sect who more or less believed that this world was a Matrix-like situation.

Funny of the Moment
I bought the Esquire that came out with this David Sedaris tribute (or something) to his brother, You Can't Kill the Rooster.

Political Potshot of the Moment
Making the rounds, Bush's Résumé.

Rant of the Moment
Curse these repetitive block-rockin beats! Grr! Can't you play something with guitars and actual people singing? This music feels like getting felt up by a darn cell phone!