who knows? who cares?

July 6, 2003
Quote of the Moment
I always thought I should trademark the word I use to describe my religious beliefs:
basically from the Greek meaning, "I don't know and I don't care".
TopShelf on Slashdot.
Or like that old Greek Protagoras said, "The question is complex and life is short".

Article of the Moment
Another good Joel On Software, a piece on Presenting the User with Too Many (not that useful) Options. He points out how stupid it is that Windows asks you so many meaningless questions when it first opens up a Help file, the whole "Minimize database size / Maximize search capabilities / Customize search capabilities" -- no one knows what that's all about. I disagree with his attack of customizable toolbars, however...there are so many ever-growing toolbars these days that workspace real-estate is being compromised and I appreciate being able to get rid of most of that. For example, in IE, I have a single bar with the 5 main nav buttons (as small as possible, just icons,) a truncated "File..." menu set, and the address field, all in one line. I also like being able to increase my task bar to two lines. I think what he misses is that Windows toolbars (and the taskbar) have a new option to "Lock" the toolbars, which is on by default, and helps prevent the accidental "how do I get back from this?" issues that he brings up.

Tutorial of the Moment
For this month's feature on the Blender of Love I did a Quick Tutorial (well, "tutorial" might be stretching things a bit) on making those "flat color photos" that I previously showed you here, like the one with Mo and I on the Jersey shore. Also, it was a pretty good month for the front page picks, so you should go and read.