the truth problem

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July 16, 2003
Article of the Moment has William Saletan pretty nicely going into depth on what I was ranting about the other day, Bush's amazing attempts to spread the blame on the whole Iraq/African Iranium hoax and convince us that we want to "move on". What a spineless hypocritcal wuss. (the site's "chatterbox" has more lies from this year.)

Links of the Moment
Nothing too astounding, but Pixel Zen is a set of links to some fun little pixel-based stuff.

Quote of the Moment
There were also a number of low points, such as Khrushchev's visit to the Soviet Union's first openly "alternative" art exhibition, where he mocked the artists who had dared to defy the canons of social realism ("if that's supposed to be a woman, then you're a faggot").