the female may turn and devour the male's head

July 30, 2003
Brooke, Mo and I took photos in the playground across the street the other day. I think that this one was my favorite. I got the chance to use a manual camera for the first time like ever almost.

Politics of the Moment
I was really angry at the instant backlash against the PAM, or Policy Analysis Market. The basic idea was making a "stock market" for predicting global events--these kinds of markets have a surprisingly great track record at collective foresight. (Heh, it's straight outta the scifi book "Shockwave Rider".) The thoughtless squashing of it by squeamish, mealy-mouth senators really struck me as the foulest case of "Political Correctness" (in a literal sense!) I had ever seen. had some decent pieces on it. This overview points out some possible limitations that PAM would have (because terrorists aren't rational actors as we understand the term), an article on how the principle of dumb market participants works, and then some places where you can see it in action.

Game of the Moment
This page has been a little light in the fun goofy link department lately, so here's an odd little game, Chokin Chikin. Some British game developers take on the Red Neck USA south, and this pachinko-like game is the result.