woo, me?

August 2, 2003
Quote of the Moment
Among the highest and best uses of poetry, third only perhaps to the poxing of our enemies and the commemoration of our dead, is the wooing, outright, of our darlings.
Thomas Lynch

Catalog of the Moment
I'm pretty sure that American Science & Surplus is the same company that put out a catalog I loved so much in high school, and their website is even cooler. Here's a bit of their history. I think their biggest attraction would be for people who like to build electronic and other homebrew projects, but it's fun to read through. I also admire their use of the web, especially the links under "Jarvis' Idea Corner" on the lower left of every page.

Article of the Moment
In Slate, Christopher Hitchens reminds us that Bob Hope wasn't that funny. It kind of violates the idea of saying nothing but good of the dead, but still, I wish I had seen this a few days ago when all the tributes were going on.