up against the wall

August 8, 2003
Random Image of the Moment
Ranjit mentioned the site of Brave Combo, amusingly at brave.com/bo. This image was on their FAQ, though not really explained combo founder Finch from David Lynch Byrne's flick "True Stories" (thanks to Harry, who pointed out the info was there but got the filmmaker wrong...)

Transcript of the Moment
F/O: Can you see there are some hills in front?
CAPT: What? There's what?
F/O: Some hills, isn't there?
[Sound of impact]
Last transmission of VASP Flight 168 near Sierra de Pacatuba, Brazil
Via this rather spooky page of the last words from doomed flights (includes some recordings). One really plaintive one was a Flight Officer whose last words were "Amy, I love you"

Schadenfreude of the Moment
Oh, cry me a river Darrell Issa..."Boo hoo, boo hoo, I only created this circus 'cause I wanted to be governor, but now this big bad bully actor is going to come and take it out from under me, boo hoo, boo hoo. I quit!"

What a punk.