that's not work! i just sit back and the fish fall into my gaping maw! it's fun!

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Interview of the Moment
News You Can Bruise / Deep Sea Interviews: (a rhyme!) the coffinfish.

Goofiness of the Moment
So the other day at breakfast with Dan and Nikki, the "Marion Blackberry" jam on the table got us thinking...Mo mentioned she thought that the name for that kind of blackberry was sometimes shortened to "Marionberry", which amused me greatly, given the former mayor of Washington D.C., Marion Barry. Who is, lo and behold, black. Which makes me wonder if his name was a bit of a joke, and if he has any siblings named "Elder", "Cran", or even "Logan". (This Oregon berry page was useful in the investigation.)

Request of the Moment
You know, it seems like a long time since I've heard any funny or clever riddles, jokes of the Question/Answer form. Well, I found this page but most are pretty lame. (Par for the course, most likely, but still.) Anyone know any good ones? Feel free to post 'em on the comments section.

Google came up with the following one (highlight with the mouse to see, mildly offensive...)

What's funnier than a dead baby?
A dead baby in a clown costume!
Well, not really a great one, but I chuckled.
UPDATE: Ranjit regaled me with
"What do Hungarian ghosts eat?
Which reminded me of my elementary school favorite:
What smells in a haunted house?
Scooby's Doo!
God, I loved that joke.